Hydroseeded lawn ready for care

Care of a Newly Hydro Seeded Lawn!

Care and watering

However your new lawn is installed care is very important, particularly for the first few weeks!

Seed needs water to germinate.   In moist times of the year such as Spring and Fall, nature may provide enough to do the job however helping Mother Nature along is always a plus.

One important thing to keep in mind is that grass seeds need moisture to germinate.   Weed seeds like it drier.   If your grass germinates before any weeds it will keep the weeds from taking over your lawn but if you fail to keep the new grass seed moist the weeds can germinate fast and keep the grass from growing properly,

Successful seed germination depends on a few days of special care. To assure proper germination water regularly. We suggest two times a day in cooler weather and three to four times a day in really hot weather. You can cut back or eliminate watering on days it rains.  Keeping the yard moist will maximize and speed seed germination.  Once the grass seed germinates you can cut back on watering but you do need to keep the lawn moist enough to keep the grass growing,

It is better to water often and lightly than not so often but heavy.  With established lawns it is better to water heavily so the water gets down in the root zone.  With new seeds they are near the surface and keeping the surface wet is the key to a stunning lawn.

Wait until the day after seeding to start watering.  Once the hydroseed application has dried you may walk on the hydro seeded surface when watering. Try to walk only on areas that are dry, and try to not disturb the mulch layer.

By watering regularly and keeping your new seedlings from drying out you insure the beginnings of a lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy.


Mowing can begin once the new lawn is 3″ tall in most areas.  Mowing stimulates growth and increases thickness.  Set the mower high at first, then gradually lower.   Try to cut no more than 1/3 of the grass at a time.

One general rule for mowing is that the shorter you want to mow the more often you need to mow to maintain healthy grass.


About one month after seeding, fertilize your new lawn using a high nitrogen (the first of the 3 numbers on the bag) fertilizer. The contractor who installed your lawn used a high phosphorus or “starter fertilizer” when hydroseeding your lawn. The phosphorus will stimulate root growth, and in the early stages it is important to get good root growth before you stimulate a vigorous top growth with nitrogen.

Do not use a fertilizer that is combined with a week killer.  That weed killer can stop grass from germinating.  Newly hydroseeded lawns that have been watered properly usually won’t have a weed problem but should you have weeds in your lawn it is better to let your new lawn get established before trying to eradicate the weeks.  Wait at least 2-3 months after seeding before trying to kill any weeds.

Continued care

Talk to your landscape professional to see if he has a program for continued care of your lawn with regular treatments of fertilizer and treatments for weed and insect problems as required.

If you have questions you would like answered we have a very helpful forum on our main site with a section for homeowner questions.   Please feel free to visit our forum and get answers from the experts on most any questions you would have.